Fionn Ó Sheelagh


  • Male Wandering Gnome
  • Career: Scoundrel
    • (using the Gambler specialization tree, for Talents only)
  • Age:
  • Height: 1.3 m

Fionn isn't particularly smart or strong, but he is lucky. Things just seem to go his way, even without much apparent effort. Maybe he's just blessed by the gods.

He's officially a wandering tinker/merchant, exploring the world and seeing new places. He might also call himself an opportunist, or a wealth redistributor, or something of that nature, and won't pass up an opportunity to take the arrogant social classes and species down a notch.


  • Strength
    • Curious: He's always learning, interested in new ways of doing things, and hearing new ideas and perspectives.
  • Flaw - Greed: Not necessarily for money, but wants to experience all there is to experience. As long as he's not really hurting anyone, in his eyes, he'll help himself to what is available.
  • Desires
    • Knowledge/Wealth: He values experiences, both intellectual and tangible; money isn't a goal in itself, but the experiences and comforts it can purchase is always welcome.
  • Fear
    • Commitment: He fears becoming stuck, losing options, and being relied upon. He tries his best to be a good resource for others, but he feels his limitations keenly and doesn't want to disappoint others when he inevitably lets them down or fails.




Skill © Pool Rank
Ranged (Ag) 0
Cool (Pr) 0
Coordination (Ag) 0
Skulduggery (Cun) 1
Stealth (Ag) 2
Streetwise (Cun) 0
Charm (Pr) 2
Deception (Cun) 1

Talents / Skills / Abilities

  • Species ability: Tricksy - Once per encounter, spend a story point to produce a previously undocumented small item (>2 encumbrance, >5 rarity) from a pocket, bag, pouch, nearby windowsill, passing cart, or other convenient location - no logical explanation necessary. Can only be a weapon if it has the Limited Ammo 1 quality.
  • Convincing Demeanor: Remove from any deception or Skulduggery checks.
  • Grit (Rank 2): +2 Strain Threshold
  • Second Chances (Rank 2): Once per encounter, choose 2 positive dice and reroll them.
  • Up the Ante (Rank 1): When gambling, win 10% more credits.
  • Double or Nothing: Suffer 2 strain as in incidental to increase the difficulty of the next check by one. Then, after cancelling opposing symbols, double the amount of remaining

Weapons & Armor

  • Dagger: A simple gnomish weapon with a carved hilt (Melee-Light, +2 Damage, Crit 3, Engaged, Enc 1, 1 HP, Accurate 1)
  • Hunting Bow: He's not great at archery, but it makes him look more dangerous. (Ranged, 7 Damage, Crit 3, Medium, Enc 2, 1 HP, Unwieldy 2)


  • Thieves' Tools: A collection of picks and pliers, just an innocent set for, uh, tinkering. (Enc 1, When making a Skulduggery check to open a lock/latch, add )
  • Travelling Gear: backpack, bedroll, rope, waterskin, flint and steel
    • 3 Torches
  • 133 coins
  • Jerky rations
  • Salamander Poison (flask)
  • Fake blood (red clay and paprika for flavouring… apparently gnome blood tastes spicy)

  • Starting XP: 105
  • XP Earned: 15
  • XP remaining: 15