• Male Skybold (Custom Specie)
    • Form : Humanoid
    • Physiology : Reptilian
    • Silhouette : 0
    • Locomotion : Hovering (Gen Pg. 100)
    • Manipulation : Mental
    • Secondary Manipulation : Hands
    • Dominant Sense : Visual
    • Culture\Tech Level : Spiritual\Sophisticated
  • Career: Discoverer
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 0.5m


Very little about Kleave could be answered by asking him directly. He barely seems aware of where he came from or even if there are others of his kind. Being a unique specie in this world he mostly seemed content wandering about from place to place as though following a well trodden road, even to places he had never been before.

Regardless of when or where however, most every place he ends up at he seems to at least have passing familiarity. His recollections however have an astonishingly wide and unnatural berth. He has been observed assessing ruins as though they were once favorite haunts, speaking of people who may have been lost to dust and the passing of ages. More strangely however is seeming remembrance of things yet to pass. Disasters, great events, and the transpositions of peoples and cultures, seemingly recalled as though they were reminiscence of the past.

It is even more shocking then that all of this knowledge comes from a creature with the composure and mind of a child. His most reliable memory can go back as far as 10 years but any recollections beyond that feel like faint echos lost in the miasma of time. It shouldn’t come much as a surprise then to anyone that Kleave seems to appreciate living more in the now than anything else, with a decidedly cheerful disposition and a decidedly ‘lais-ser-faire’ attitude to events around him.

Perhaps the most meaningful thing to happen to him recently is partnering with one Erdrick Frudnick (friends just call him ‘Nick’). A mercenary working for the Nora Guild he’s often tasked with searching ruins or else investigating strange events in the steed of other officials or for private contracts. Having run into Kleave he found use in the skybold’s occasional clairvoyance, as well as his abilities to work as a scout or reconnaissance on missions. It also provided Kleave with a bit of stability, no longer needing to forage or find odd work to sustain himself, that and it also felt familiar to him somehow, as most other paths in his life.

In his time working with Nick he had also learned, or seemingly re-learned many skills. While Kleave he had always moved about with a lazy float through the air, and was adept at using what looked to be the power of his mind to manipulate objects out of reach of his hands, he greatly expanded on these abilities as their work demanded them. Being able not just to levitate he soon learned to also climb any surface as though it was the ground. Most impressive however was his developed ability to handle large weapons; using his mind, his hands, as well as his natural gliding through the air it allowed him to fight, if he needed to, in a way that was very unconventional to most fighters and leaving them to defend themselves from truly unusual angles.

They had formed a steady partnership together, and rarely were they seen apart on missions. That was however until roughly 4 months ago, when he was tasked with investigating the silence from Shroudreach. They had arrived in Applegrove and spent several days there, questioning the locals and preparing for the eventual trek. In a strange change of operations however, Nick asked that Kleave stay in the village and to wait for his return. Kleave didn’t question this, somehow feeling that this was just how their trip was meant to go. Nick left the next day and had not been seen since, although again Kleave did not feel overly worried, whether it was faith in Nick’s return or else feeling again this was how it was meant to happen.

In the meantime, Kleave had started to ingratiate himself in the village, whether doing odd-jobs for Christina in the way of helping to deliver baked goods, or assisting Tisbeth at the pub in cleaning or fetching the odd supply. As the months passed however Kleave started to feel the urge to go to Fogspear; and while looking for Nick felt to be a part of it another conflict of when would be the right time to leave also played on his mind. He was sure the sign would come to him for when he would depart, it would only be a matter of time…


  • Strength
    • Headstrong : Will generally always strive to find a solution to the current problem, and will rarely give up unless the situation is a demonstrably no-win scenario
  • Flaw
    • Naïve : He will generally believe that anyone who includes him in a plan or discussion has his best interests in mind.
  • Desires
    • Permanence : To be able feel as though he will be remembered or have a lasting effect on the world
  • Fear
    • Loss of Agency : The fear of being unable to control or change his circumstance.




Skill © Pool Rank
Brawl (Br) 0
Melee Light (Br) 1
Athletics (Br) 1
Medicine (Int) 1
Perception (Cun) 1
Piloting (Ag) 0
Riding (Ag) 0
Stealth (Ag) 0
Survival (Cun) 1
() 0

Talents / Skills / Abilities

Species Features

  • Mental Manipulation - The species relies on the power of its mind to affect the world around it. Members of the species can mentally manipulate objects and interact with characters within short range. This ability functions as the Telekinesis talent, on Page 80, except that it cannot be depleted. They also add to checks they make to physically manipulate their environment.
  • Temporal Flux - Once Per Session; Spend 1 Story Point to ignore the results of a check and to continue as though the check was never attempted.
  • Weak Spot - Brawl or Melee (Blunt) attacks against character gain the Knockdown quality requiring 1 Advantage to activate.

Tier 1

  • Duelist (Gen Pg.73): Add to Melee combat checks when engaged with a single opponent. Add to Melee combat checks when engaged with three or more opponents.
  • Parry (Rank 1) Gen Pg.74): When your character suffers a hit from a melee combat check, after damage is calculated but before soak is applied, your character may suffer 3 strain to use this talent to reduce the damage of the hit by two plus their ranks in Parry. This talent can only be used once per hit, and your character needs to be wielding a Melee weapon.
  • Quick Draw (Gen Pg.74): Once per round on your character's turn, they made use this talent to draw or holster an easily assessible weapon or item as an incidental. Quick Draw also reduces a weapon's Prepare rating by one, to a minimum of one.
  • Well Organized (Rank 1) (Key Pg. 81): Add +2 Encumbrance for each rank of Well Organized
  • Close Combatant (Key Pg. 74): When you purchase this talent, your character gains Brawl or Melee ( Brawl ) as a career skill. In addition, once per session your character may use this talent to remove from a melee combat check they make.

Tier 2

  • Wall Crawler (Key Pg.81): Your character can move across vertical surfaces as easily as horizontal surfaces. In addition, when your character attempts to reduce the damage taken from falling, reduce the difficulty of the Athletics or Coordination check by one.
  • Telekinesis (Rank 1) (Key Pg.80): Your character can manipulate objects and affect other characters within short range (as if they were engaged) using their mind instead of their physical body. When they do, any required skill checks linked to Brawn or Agility instead use Willpower. Similarly, to determine the encumbrance your character can telepathically lift or move, use their Willpower in place of Brawn. Telekinetic movement is generally too slow and imprecise to effectively wield a weapon, but your character can lash out with mental force to make a Brawl combat check within short range. This attack has a base damage equal to your character’s Willpower instead of Brawn and gains no benefit from weapons. The range of your character’s telekinesis increases by one range band for each additional rank of this talent.

Weapons & Armor

  • Frudnick's GreatSword: (Two Handed Melee Weapon) | Melee (Brawn) | +2 DMG | Crit 3 | Engaged | Enc 2 | (Mono-Edge, Shielding) Pierce 1, Defensive 1, Deflection 1
  • Mental Strike: (Telekinesis Skill) | Brawl (Willpower) | Willpower | No Crit | Short
  • Silent Deflection Belt (Standard Clothing) | Def 0 | Soak 0 | Enc 2 | (Quantum, Silent) Defensive 2, Add to Stealth Checks


  • Backpack (Enc +4) (Gen Pg. 94)
  • Portable Med Kit (Enc 2) (Gen Pg. 169)
  • Illuminator (Enc 1) (Keyforge Pg. 149)
  • Heal-X Tab x2 (Enc 0) (Keyforge Pg. 149)
  • Embrew Flask (Enc 1) (Keyforge Pg. 147, 148)
  • 42 Embits

  • Total XP: 125
  • XP Earned: 15
  • XP remaining: 0