Kai "Drall" Bel Iblis

Kai Bel Iblis is on the run from the Empire for his minor role in a protest on Coruscant, and his “alternative passport” identifies him as Kai Drall.

His political training and charming personality have come in handy so far, and he has begun changing from a naive “Core Worlder” to a savvy galactic traveller on the Edge, able to negotiate with ISB agents and Crime Lords alike.

However, during the last job, Kai made a split-second decision to try to avoid capture and left without the others. He was briefly in communication with the party via his comm-link, and planned to meet up with them at “It's a Trap!”, but his comm is now unresponsive.

The party is unaware that Kai met up with Elaiza, and the likely assumption is that he is either captured or in hiding on Bespin.

[revised history - Kai did not meet up with the party to help take care of the Wing Guards; essentially he disappeared after his failed stealth roll]