What did the party accomplish last session?

Session 6

  • 2 XP: managing to arrive at Gerrenthum without dying or growing too old
  • 2 XP: getting the coordinates to the Tantive IV's location
  • 2 XP: connecting with the Ganks
  • 2 XP: reuniting the party and making the GM's job easier
  • 5 XP (and lots of money) for making a non-suspicious withdrawal from the Bank
  • 15 bonus XP to set up the grand finale (kind of like an advance reward)

Total=28 XP

Obligation reduction:

  • Keva's past: -4 for finally meeting Fyr
  • AD-87 wanted for murder: -2, since he has been slightly altered by Grayson to be a guard droid

Session 5

  • 4 xp for tracking down Fyr's signal and calculating the origin (Gerrenthum)
  • 3 xp for returning the shield generators and hyperdrive part to the ship
  • 3 xp for finding out about the pickpocketing ring (would have got more if you had survived the encounter and met the ringleader)
  • 2 xp for stopping the jungle mynocks from destroying your ship
    • TOTAL = 12 XP (plus 2 for journals)

I think I already reduced Obligation (Keva's, Grayson) slightly

Session 4

3 XP for finding the cheap and abundant cure for Jungle Rot; 5 XP for securing ship components for repairs; 3 XP for discovering the Rebel cell on Varonat.

Total XP=11

Keva reduced Obligation by 2 for cracking Fyr's signal's electromagnetic signature

Session 3

3 XP for coming up with a crazy complex plan, 3 XP for securing more medical supplies for Varonat, 2 XP for yelling “It's a Trap!” in an appropriate fashion (and for escaping the trap), 10 XP for successfully executing the plan, slicing the hyperdrive, and presumably getting Kaltho fly into a sun. Total XP=18

Reduced Obligation by 20 or so (check out the Group Obligation Chart)

Session 2

XP: 5 for figuring out Kaltho's role 5 for finding the tainted food, testing it, and notifying authorities 3 for returning Khan Vane to town with the roots 3 for avoiding a fight with the townsfolk =16 XP total

Obligation: -2 Slenahn's Betrayal Obligation -3 Slenahn's Family Obligation

AD-87 has improved his reputation in Tropis-on-Varonat, and they no longer despise him just because he's a droid. Grudging respect, perhaps, though not trust.

The rest of the party are regarding well - 2 boost to Charm & Negotiation, 2 setback to Coercion.

You are set up to possibly remove Kaltho's Obligation; either through admitting you stole it and offering to work the Jewel off or returning his credits, or by dealing with him/the theft in another way.

Another Obligation has been rolled that will allow for a minor reduction of another one next session. If you take advantage of these opportunities you might be able to spend XP at the end of the session.

Session 1

  • The party is now regarded as friends to the city of Tropis-on-Varonat, boost to Charm and Negotiation, setback to Coercion.
  • Slee is seen as a buddy to the local mechanics due to his “initiation” - he gets an extra boost to Charm and Negotiation, extra setback to Coercion with them.
  • Keva & Jynx obtained samples of the two roots (possible cures)
  • Obligation was reduced by 11 by selling the Trap - the Hutt and Grayson investigations will be more difficult
  • XP: 5 for escaping Bespin alive, 10 for resolving the pirate conflict (incl. 5 bonus for the creative solution), 5 for negotiating a settlement with Varonat (trading med supplies for ship repairs). 20 XP total.