Adi is a young human girl who stowed away on the Avaron II - feeling she'd be safe there. Her clothing shows that she is an escaped slave from the Gorensla kajidic. She has a special connection with animals, and is incredibly good at hiding.

SoFA discovered that she was the “ghost” who was lurking in the shadows and stealing sandwiches from the galley. They set up a trap and captured her, but when they assured her that they would not take her back to the “big slimy worm guys” she seemed to relax. She's still a bit afraid of the non-humans in the group, but has taken to Arron and views him as her protector.

She saw a mouse droid sabotage the hyperdrive, and it followed her through the vents. When she ran to hide among the rontos, one stepped on it and crushed it completely.

She is also being hunted actively by the Gorensla kajidic