“Turning Vision into Value!”

Avaron Mining Corporation is a leading surveying and resource extraction company that operates primarily out of Corellia. Avaron was a frontrunner in colonization efforts when stricter environmental standards were implemented in the Corellian Sector a few hundred years ago.

The company has been accused of less than savory business practices in the past, with a history of fuel leaks and spills, but their new chairman, Petr Diamente, has brought a fresh attitude and a re-commitment to “green” extraction practices. True to his word, the company has ceased its strip-mining operations and is researching lower-impact extraction techniques in their newer projects. Compared to other Corellian mining operations, Avaron is ahead of the curve in environmental concern.

The Corellian government turned to Avaron when deciding to create the Erimian colony. They do not have ties to the Empire, and have a good record of staying within budgetary constraints.

The players suspect that Avaron cuts corners when it comes to safety and maintenance. The colony ships are breaking down, though it is suspicious that 3 out of 4 ships had the same broken component. Apparently Avaron cares more about “value” than “vision”.