Session 1: Mystery on the Avaron II

The entire colony fleet is behind schedule, and Captain Rondeln has tasked SoFA to discover the causes of several mysterious happenings aboard Avaron II. The party split into 2 groups.

Rotchkur & Vreck's hyperdrive investigation turned up some solid clues, and they have made friends with the head engineer on Avaron II. They now must find the culprit behind the apparent sabotage, who is missing a piece of material from their jacket.

Varad and Arron met some of the crew, and they heard rumours of suspicious activity in the primary agricultural module. However, they were not allowed entry due to a sensitive herdmaster who doesn't share Varad's sense of humour. They also have become suspicious of a certain devoronian crewman.

Session Rewards

  • 1 XP - making friends with Satchel Paige and earning her respect
  • 3 XP - discovering how to fix the hyperdrive
  • 2 XP - gathering several clues about the saboteur

Total: 6 XP: doubled (because the GM is feeling generous and wants to give you a kickstart)

=12 XP

*Bonus 3 XP for journals