Session 2 - Mystery on the Avaron II

Session Intro

SoFA has reconvened for lunch, shared their findings, and must determine what to do next. The herdmaster seems to prefer to deal with non-humans, and they may want to keep an eye out for someone with a damaged jacket. The suspicious devaronian may need to be spoken to as well, and the missing food/supplies are a growing concern. The lunch is also bland and repetitive, so it wouldn't hurt to get on the cook's good side.

Obligation roll: 68 - Varad's “Witness Protection”. Varad's strain threshold reduced by 2 for this session; all other PC's reduce strain threshold by 1.

While examining the scrap of cloth discovered by Vreck & Rothkur, Varad suddenly realizes that the stitching is not just along a strange seam, but is indeed a symbol with which he is very familiar:

If a Gorensla kajidic operative is on board this ship, Varad & Arron will have to make sure they are not found out!

Session Results

The party managed to discover the “ghost” - a young girl who had stowed away on the ship, escaping from a life of Hutt slavery. Adi seems to have a knack with animals and is very good at hiding!

They also discovered that a mouse droid sabotaged the hyperdrive, but was subsequently destroyed by trampling rontos.

Along the way, they met with the mysterious devaronian, a simple-minded fellow named Vuni, and Vreck made friends with Herdmaster Dah'lia.

The party also became acquainted with the head of security, an intimidating twi'lek named Ja'taa. It turns out that security footage of the hyperdrive sabotage was deleted - the saboteur must be very good at slicing or mechanics!


  • 5 XP for solving the “ghost” mystery
  • 4 XP for the new clues regarding the sabotage
  • 2 XP for befriending Adi and Dah'lia

=11 XP (plus 3 XP for a journal entry)

  • -1 Witness Protection Obligation: the worry has lessened - it turns out the symbol was from Adi, and she isn't out to capture him! Of course, it may mean that 2 fugitives may be a more tempting target for the Hutts if they found out they were together…