Arrival on Erimia

Session 4 Intro

Prepare for landing! After a LONG flight, they have finally arrived at the beautiful moon of Erimia, orbiting the massive gas giant Amotus IV. The system lies half-way between Shamaia and Dom-Bradden, an incredibly remote and unexplored area characterized by binary black holes - very treacherous navigation.

But all is not well… the delay has proven costly, and as they arrive the party notices a fancy exploratory ship has landed, not from the Avaron fleet. Who are these encroachers? And what are their intentions?

* Obligation Roll: 33 - Vreck's Favour to Djinn Monka

Vreck's strain threshold drops by 4 due to rolling “double 3's”, rest drops by 2!

Session 4 Results


The party was called up to the bridge to see the “encroachers” already landed on the planet. Then they got a call from Djinn Monka, who specifically called on a favour from Vreck: “Make sure nothing happens to Jaleel. He is a key witness, and I want him to stand trial in front of the full council.” This didn't go over too well, considering Jaleel had just tried to kill them all, but everyone agreed to watch him.

When the party landed on Erimia, there was already a hum of activity: the civilians did not wait for official permission to land (it was a long trip), and everyone was busy setting up depots for supplies and prospectors & homesteaders were already buying property beacons for land claims. The party stopped to buy some much-needed stimpacks.

Their haggling made them a bit late for the Council meeting - everyone was already there, and they received some disapproving glares. The first order of business was dealing with the Expert Chiss Consortium - a group of highly-trained freelancers who had somehow arrived at this secret planet, and already claimed salvage rights on a nearby ancient ruin.

The ECC, led by Kiyo and Tiza Tenray, presented a list of outrageous demands, and it looked like this would be a long negotiation. While everyone was talking, a would-be assassin hit Jaleel with a poison dart and fled the scene. The party could not track down the assailant, but they did manage to keep Jaleel from dying, but he was still in a coma and possibly getting worse.

Our heroes split up - Vreck took off to find herbs that might speed Jaleel's healing (which he found handily), and the other 3 decided to start politicking - trying to get a handle on the Council and the ECC. They managed to get the Council united on enough fronts to broker a good deal with the ECC.

Jaleel's trial was delayed so he could recover (under guard), and the party went to track down a property beacon and stake a claim. With their excellent knowledge, perception, and pathfinding abilities, they managed to claim a beautiful piece of land. It will be very productive, secure, and even has an ancient ruin located on the parcel that may be worth exploring…

ECC Settlement:

  • One seat in the council (but SoFA's Ojib also earned a seat)
  • No veto rights
  • 13% mineral rights, and they have to supply a scout that will help the mineral survey team
  • They must purchase land for any rights to archaeology, and cannot off-world artifacts without Council approval.
  • They were awarded free premium land in exchange for their silence on Erimia's location


  • 8 XP for saving Jaleel's life
  • 4 XP for brokering a favourable deal with the ECC
  • 1 XP for gaining super-valuable land (the other benefit is the land itself)

= 13 XP

  • -4 Obligation: Vreck's “Debt to Djinn Monka” for saving Jaleel's life.
  • +12 Obligation: Loan for Premium Land (to the Erimia Colony Bank, split 4 ways); this includes both the monetary value (5,000 credits) and the responsibility to take care of your property.