Attack of the Mouse Droids

Session Intro

The party has exited hyperspace, landing in the Amotus system. With a few hours to spare, Captain Vondeln arranges for the party to join a mechanical team (at the request of Satchel Paige) to help fix the issues with the fuel freighter.

Can they stop the leak in time? Will they find proof of sabotage?

* Obligation Roll: 40 - Arron's “Thrill Seeker”. Even though he had a taste of adventure on the ship recently, long weeks of hyperspace travel with minimal adrenaline rushes have left him lethargic and depressed. Arron's mood is dampening the whole group… (Arron's strain threshold is reduced by 2, the rest of the party is reduced by 1)

Session Results

The party managed to fix the hull leaks in the fuel freighter, but were attacked by a small army of mouse and gonk droids. They were obviously surprised by these unlikely assailants, and had great difficulty in fighting them off. The little droids had arc welders, which resulted in multiple pants lighting on fire. One mechanic nearly ignited the whole ship when he fell into the fuel storage (saved by Vreck's quick thinking), and another died from his burns.

Jaleel planted a bomb, designed to go off when everyone had evacuated, but the party decided to fight the droids instead of running. Jaleel panicked when his fellow mechanic fell into the fuel, and so he took off in the transport, leaving the rest stranded.

The party managed to finish off the menacing little droids, and then discovered the bomb. Frantically gathering all their knowledge, they worked together to defuse it before it ended their short careers.


  • 6 XP for defusing the bomb
  • 4 XP for discovering the sabotage (security footage, droid re-programming)
  • 3 XP for repairing all 3 fuel leaks
  • 3 XP for capturing Jaleel

= 16 XP (plus 3 XP for published journal entries)

  • -3 Thrill Seeking Obligation: Arron received his fill of excitement for the day… near-death experiences may temper his enthusiasm for future “excitement”.