Home, Sweet Home

Session 5 Intro

SoFA has purchased a premium parcel of land, not too far from the newly established capital city, Amporio. It's a beautiful season on a beautiful planet, but danger lurks in the shadows…

* Obligation Roll: 88 - It seems as though everything is calm right now; the party is not stressed, and is simply enjoying the prospect of a new life in this paradise!

Session 5 Results


The party purchased land and set up a new homestead. Along the way they came across varactyls, a crazy tentacle beast, interesting bugs, and some inscrutible ruins (if only they could have translated the runes). Archaeology advantage level: 1

Homestead characteristics:

  • - A varactyl breeding pair has nested on the land (5 eggs are being hatched):
  • - Jure & Dantor are the breeding pair; the varactylings are named Vreek, Trogdor, Treenal, Dewey and Daisy.
  • - River & Waterfall (power supply & fresh water)
  • - Ocean coastline (potential harbour)
  • - Flashfruit orchard: very acidic; as it ripens, it gets sweeter. Clear skin with red/pink flesh.
  • - Deadly predators stalk the lands… including the tentacle beast.

Crafted Speeder:

  • An all-purpose landspeeder (all-terrain utility vehicle) with harvester and excavator attachments. 1 Speed; 5 Hull Trauma; 7 System Strain; 36 Encumbrance (Cargo); 1 Pilot, 4 Passengers; 1 Armor, - Handling
    • Frame: Silhouette 2 (1 pilot, 2 passengers); 5 Hull Trauma, 2 extra Encumbrance cargo, 2 HP remaining
    • Engine: Single Coil. Speed 1, 7 System Strain (includes “Fine Tuning” advantage)
      • Available Mods: 3x “Increase Speed by 1”; 3x “Increase SS by 2”
    • Hull: Expanded-Capacity Hold. Armor 1, Handling -2, +23 Encumbrance, +2 Passengers;
      • Available Mods: 2x “Increase Armor by 1”; 10x “Increase Encumbrance Capacity by 2”; 8x “Increase Passenger Capacity by 2”

Jern is also setting up a junk shop on the colony, full of spare parts from his projects. He may be interested in looking at building a full mechanic's shop in the future (see Far Horizons sourcebook).

New crafting material available: carapace materials from the tentacle beast.


Experience Points:

  • 8 XP for installing the hydro generator in an excellent location in the river
  • 4 XP for surviving the squid attack
  • 2 XP for allowing Adi to become a Jr. SoFA member

= 14 XP (Remember to add an additional 3 XP for published journals)


  • -1 Obligation: Arron's “Thrill Seeker” ( - placing the bridge in a very athletic fashion, all by himself)
  • -1 Obligation: Jern's “Family” (setting up a homestead is a sign of independence and success, raising his prestige in his family's eyes)

Financial (homestead pool):

  • 500 credits/month: Dah'lia's rental profit (this month already paid)
  • 250 credits/month: net agricultural profit (after expenses) - this number should grow over time if you take care of your land (25 hours per week to maintain); if you neglect the land, this will shrink.