Below the Earth

Session 6 Intro

When the party tells Djinn Monka about the indecipherable runes near the hydro generator, he suggests they connect with Kentucky Jonas, an experienced archaeologist. He also mentions a talented “resource acquisition specialist” named Risk who may come in handy if there are traps or locked doors.

* Obligation Roll: 73 - SoFA's new friend, Kentucky Jonas, has discovered that the ECC, his hated group of rivals, is on Erimia.

Session 6 Results


SoFA, together with their two new friends, manage to infiltrate the ruins. They bypassed the lock by rigging up a mirror system to reflect sunlight onto the ancient sensor. They realize they are being watched by a blue alien with red eyes (probably a Chiss).

Inside the dark tunnels, they avoid the worst of the traps, and aren't too damaged by the acid dripping from the ceiling (it's a useful resource) and sing a gigantic tentacle monster to sleep instead of killing it.

After exploring a series of passages, they sneak up to the ECC who are exploring these ruins from the opposite side - there is a passage that enters this structure from their adjacent land. As the two parties begin negotiations, they are ambushed by a group of mouse droids, who gassed most of the party (except for Vreck and the beefiest ECC member).

Thankfully Vreck and Mish'rak'nuolo fight off the little pests, and the two groups part ways with an agreement to only explore and develop the passageways beneath their own land, which will be properly surveyed by colonist specialists.


Experience Points:

  • 10 XP for getting past the gigantic tentacle beast in the ruins
  • 4 XP for defeating the mouse droids
  • 3 XP for figuring out how to enter the ruins
  • 2 XP for making a deal with the ECC

=19 XP (plus 3 XP for journals)


  • -3 Antagonist (ECC) for Kentucky Jonas
  • -2 Thrill Seeker for Arron, confronting the tentacle beast without violence worked
  • -1 Favour (Djinn Monka) for Vreck, choosing a peaceful route with the ECC


  • 224 credits EACH, in the form of gold and ancient coins, from the ruins
  • 264 credits' worth of fulsgold acid, collected by Varad