Market Day

Session 7 Intro

SoFA has been hard at work for the past 3 months: developing the farm, raising varactyls, setting up a mechanic's shop, and developing the ruins. (We will do some rolling at the beginning of the session).

The Erimian Council has declared a colony-wide Market Day - vendors from across the planet are coming together on the first day of summer to celebrate the colony's prosperity and the arrival of the first re-supply ship. Fuel has been rationed for the last month due to dwindling supplies, and no suitable substitute has been found on the planet…

* Obligation Roll: 13 - Varad's Witness Protection. Will the Gorensla kajidic track down Varad? He is becoming more stressed and paranoid as Market Day approaches - a supply ship coming in brings with it the chance of being followed, or spies from the kajidic. Everyone is on edge!

Session 7 Results


SoFA represented themselves well at the Market Day Festival, winning the battle bots and second place in the Cooking Competition. However, after the contests, the situation got out of hand. Varad & Arron ended up stealing a ship and hurting the bounty hunters who owned it, Jern kidnapped the leader, and Vreck allowed a crazy eco-terrorist to shoot down the fuel ship. Vreck's last-minute tackle prevented the complete destruction of the ship, but the wreckage landed in the ocean. At least the fireworks were spectacular…

Bounty Hunters: the rodian leader is captured, the trandoshan has a major concussion and has lost his memory, twi'lek died, and the human is severely injured (unconscious and somewhere in the forest).


Experience Points:

  • 10 for winning battle bots
  • 8 for second place in cooking contest
  • 3 for slicing into the Jumpmaster
  • 1 for participating in random contests (strength, sharpshooting, gambling)

=22 (+3 for journals)


  • +14 (+15 -1 for Master Merchant) New Obligation: Stolen ship (& killing/maiming Bounty Hunters) for Varad
  • +5 New Obligation: Kidnapped Bounty Hunter for Jern
  • -6 (-5 -1 for Master Merchant) Witness Protection for Varad
  • -1 Thrill Seeker for Arron: chose to protect Varad instead of joyriding the ship
  • -2 Family for Jern (stopped bounty hunters from capturing Vu Rondeln)

= Credits/Other:

  • Vreck won a superior weapon custimization, Arron won a mouse droid stuffy for Adi
  • Double share of fuel (worth zero right now)
  • ?Won the battle bots competition (don't remember the reward)