The Troubles

Session 8 Intro

The colony has entered a rough period of economic hardship with the loss of the fuel delivery. Everyone is rationing it for only the most important tasks like agriculture and mining.

Meanwhile, colonists have started to go missing, and the locals are whispering about an Ancient Curse - and all archaeological digs have been cancelled until further notice by the Council.

* Obligation Roll: 37 - Stolen Ship. Varad and the party have been stressed for the last month figuring out what to do with the Jumpmaster 5000 - it needs a new transponder (so others won't know it's stolen) but the parts aren't available. Fuel is too valuable to waste. The body of the twi'lek and the remains of a starved human were found in the forest by Erimian rangers (the colony's new police force).

Session 8a & b Results


SoFA investigated the disappearances deep in the jungle, discovering that people (and animals) were leaving no trace except a few drops of blood. A storm hit while they were travelling, and most of the party ended up getting completely lost, and nearly blew themselves up trying to start a fire.

The next day they discovered that Erimia is actually inhabited with a sentient species of semi-aquatic flying mammals with rudimentary technology. They are getting sick from pollution from settlers, and their reef cottages in particular are being destroyed by the fuel spillage from the crash.

SoFA convinced the Council to halt an ECC raid on what they considered to be savage beasts, and the colony will begin efforts to clean up the fuel spills. It will be tricky since they will have to use equipment not powered by fuel, since rationing is still in effect.


Experience Points (this includes the 10 from part A - it was an XP 'advance'):

  • 12 for discovering who was behind the disappearances
  • 8 for figuring out the fuel spill issue, and convincing the Council to clean it up
  • 4 for stopping the ECC raid in time
  • 2 for surviving the night in the jungle and finding the missing party members

= 26 XP (+3 for journals)


  • Hmm, might have to convince your GM that any obligation was addressed in these last 2 sessions…


  • Placed a claim/homing beacon on one intact fuel container
  • Have made a positive first contact with the inhabitants of Erimia (but there is still a language barrier)
  • You have gained reputation with the Council, particularly Tirano and Monka; Corto likes you less (meddling do-gooders) but Tiza respects your wise approach