The Society of Freelance Adventurers

“Take comfort in our expertise!” “Relax while we acts”

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The Society of Freelance Adventurers is a burgeoning alliance of independent experts, willing to pick up work across the galaxy at reasonable rates. They prefer to avoid political entanglements when possible. They have a broader scope than the Bounty Hunter's Guild, who specialize in finding/eliminating people, SoFA includes scouts, engineers, negotiators, and other working professionals.

Arron, Ojib, Jern, Varad, and Vreck are all members of SoFA (though only Ojib has been with the society for more than a year); Ojib is the veteran presence to help the new recruits avoid rookie mistakes on the mission. SoFA has been subcontracted by Ecology Enterprises as their security/troubleshooting team, and are responsible to ensure the ecological/agricultural success of the new colony.