Juru Ilatel

Callsign: “Deadeye”

Character / Vehicle sheet PDF


  • Female Mirialan
  • Age: 51
  • Height: 5' 11“ (1.8m)
  • Build: average
  • Hair: black w/ grey stripe
  • Eyes: orange
  • Other features:
    • prosthetic right arm (metallic)
  • Career: Ace
  • Specialization: Gunner




Skill © Pool Rank
Gunnery (Ag) 2
Ranged (Light) (Ag) 0
Ranged (Heavy) (Ag) 0
Astrogation (Int) 0
Cool (Pr) 2
Discipline (Will) 2
Mechanics (Int) 0
Perception (Cun) 1
Piloting (Planetary) (Ag) 0
Piloting (Space) (Ag) 1
Resilience (Br) 1

Talents & Abilities

  • True Aim (2): Once per round, may perform a True Aim maneuver to gain benefits of aiming and upgrade combat check once per rank of True Aim
  • Overwhelm Defenses (1): Upon failed attack with a starship or vehicle weapon, may spend per rank of Overwhelm Defenses, reducing the defense in the targeted zone by 1 for every spent.
  • Debilitating Shot: Upon successful attack with a starship or vehicle weapon, may spend to reduce the maximum speed of the target by 1 until the end of the next round
  • Exhaust Port: Before attacking a starship or vehicle, may spend 1 Destiny Point to ignore the effects of the Massive rule for the attack



BlasTech SE-14Blaster Pistol

Ranged Lightmedium Range

stun setting


  • TX-3 Combat Flight Suit
    • Encumbrance 1, HP 2
    • Melee Def 1, Ranged Def 1
    • Attachments
      • multi-band comlink (long range comlink integrated into helmet)
    • Allows 24 hour survival in vacuum w/o external oxygen source

Other Equipment

  • Stimpack (5)
  • Military Belt Pouch: can hold 2 items of Enc 0, which can be drawn as an incidental
    • flask containing Corellian Whiskey
  • Bottle of Corellian Whiskey
  • Repli-Limb Prosthetic: right arm, no synthflesh covering



Juru was born into one of the poorer families on Mirial, who pinned their hopes for prosperity (relatively speaking) on her by enrolling her in one of Mirial's many youth academies as soon as possible. Her instructors soon shifted her into the military program after observing her willingness to fight back against the richer students' taunts in & out of the classroom, and her adeptness as striking from a distance with all manner of improvised weaponry.

It was in the military academy that Juru discovered her true passion: blowing things up with big guns. Her steady hand and ability to anticipate a target's movements meshed perfectly with this, and she quickly rose to the head of the class, ultimately graduating with top honors.

Another day at the officeFresh out of the academy, Juru's most logical choice was to sign up with the Galactic Republic Navy, and she wasted no time in doing so – especially after seeing the promised pay and pension at the end of it all. She again wasted little time in honing and proving her skills to her commanding officers, and within a few years scored her dream goal: gunner aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer.

Though there was little actual combat up to that point, things were about to change: in 22 BBY, Juru found herself caught up in the newly-outbroken Clone Wars. Within the first year of the war she recorded enough tonnage in kills to reach Ace status and continued to pad her count beyond.

Gunner First Class, Double AceDuring the Battle of Kamino (21 BBY), her capital ship took heavy clone trooper losses and needed other bodies to fill out vital starfighter positions. Juru found herself reassigned as a tail gunner on an ARC-170; while the sheer size of targets was no longer as impressive, she found the challenge of making the shot while the pilots juked about to be thrilling in itself. Over the course of the next year and a half she earned the rare “double Ace” status, decimating enough starfighters to gain the rank there as well.

Unfortunately, her luck was soon over. The pilot she'd worked with throughout her stint on the ARC-170 was transferred, and her new pilot was much less experienced. It wasn't long before Juru's fears were realized: during the Battle of Coruscant (19 BBY), her pilot failed to make evasive maneuvers and their ship was shot down by a Vulture-class droid starfighter. She was the only survivor, but it didn't come without a heavy price: loss of her right arm and a pronounced facial scar. Those she took a prosthetic arm, she chose to keep it uncovered by synthflesh and to keep her scar un-retouched, as a sort of unorthodox tattoo denoting the mission's failure.

By the time Juru recovered enough to be fit for duty, the Galactic Empire had been established. Though she initially managed to turn her commendations into a gunner position onboard a newer Victory-class Star Destroyer, the emerging prejudices of the Empire quickly began to erode her status. The trifecta of her race, gender, and injury quickly turned her into a target for scorn by the human crew, and she soon found herself ostracized from the rest of the ship.

This was particularly difficult for her psyche given her Mirialan beliefs in shaping one's own destiny. Here her destiny seemed to be being shaped not by her own actions, but by the weak minds and fears of others. She began to grow jaded and surly, a trend that continued as the oppression increased. Several times she considered leaving the service altogether, but there seemed to be no other options for her particular skills – and there was still the matter of the pension as a light at the end of the (long) tunnel.

Within a year the atmosphere of the Empire led to her being taken off gunnery duty and assigned to sanitation. As she overheard one officer sneer, “Cleaning the latrine is the only thing that green bitch is good for”… and the wasn't the worst of what she heard. Still seeing no other good option, and needing the money, she stayed on, starting to find solace in the bottom of a bottle of synthehol (or Corellian Whiskey if it was payday).

The next few years were spent transferring from one backwater assignment to another, each seemingly a step down in quality of the job and usefulness of the ship. The only consolation was that it seemed the dingier the ship, the better its blackmarket moonshine. Eventually Juru ended up onboard an Imperial garbage scow assigned to a Mid Rim patrol group. It was while stationed there that she received the news of the loss of her elderly parents in a hovervan crash, leaving only her to provide for her adopted 15-year-old sister, Bici. No inheritance (the family still hoped Juru would be the way out of poverty), and no other relatives. The combination of her mood from this news and the particularly strong moonshine onboard the ship led to an alcohol-fueled brawl with the scow's captain, and subsequently a bender in the brig aboard the patrol group's frigate.

A glimmer of hope appeared in the form of a weasely-looking officer bearing news from Imperial Command: a new attack group was being formed and Juru was being given the choice to either accept assignment to this new group, or face a dishonorable discharge without pension. Knowing it was likely too good be true, but grasping at the hope of a chance to dust off her now highly-rusty skills and shape her own destiny, she accepted the reassignment. Besides, what other choice was there really? If she was dishonorably discharged from the Navy, without any pay, where would she go and who would hire anyone on that blacklist?

It wasn't long before she arrived at her new assignment and saw things as they really were: a handful of alien pilots surrounded by humans, yet again. And in the hangar bay… TIE fighters. TIE fighters?! After she'd been aboard top-of-the-line capital ships and starfighters?! Clearly this mismatched group was here to do the Empire's dirty work, or die trying… and Imperial Command didn't really care which it would be.

With a weary sigh, she pulled out her flask, took a swig, and tried to make peace with the situation. 4 more years until retirement…


  • Juru fears expulsion from the service (or more accurately, the ensuing loss of her pension)
  • She also fears her destiny being shaped by the actions of others - specifically, the incompetence of others
  • Juru is worried that she may have lost her edge & abilities behind the gunsight
  • Being unable to provide for or protect her (much) younger sister, Bici Ilatel


  • Reclaim the glory of the Galactic Republic years by proving she still has what it takes… but…
  • Doing so in a way that she stays alive to see retirement


  • Competitive target shooting - the bigger the gun, the better
  • Love of classic literature - developed as a way to offset & mentally escape the squalor of her sanitation assignments


  • Space Superiority: Juru is dedicated to taking out as many enemy starfighters, capitals ships, turrents, etc as she can, knowing that by showcasing the Empire's strength in space combat she bolsters her own position.


  • Retirement: Though Juru still enjoys the thought of a well-placed hit (something she's not enjoyed the last several years), her more imminent concern now is that she shows enough prowess to stay alive until she can retire and collect her pension.