Chapter 13: Song of Fire and Ice



  • The girls and Martin headed through the fresh snow, down from the mountains.
  • They entered an area of steep ravines and red pine trees.
  • All of a sudden shadow creatures appeared and the party scrambled in panic. Martin, Sharn and Firia headed off in one direction while Aeowynn, Maebh and Elesandra headed in another.
  • The girls were being chased until they reached a rather run down set of ruins.
  • The shadow creatures did not enter the ruins except for one or two.
  • Elesandra was dealing with one particular pitiful shadow creature. It hissed and snapped at her. She held out her staff and a massive eruption of fire filled the ravine, even harming Aeowynn and Maebh.
  • The shadow creatures left as fog started drifting down into the ruins.
  • Aeowynn and Maebh lit a fire, not trusting Elesandra to do it.
  • A tendril of fog touched Maebh's foot and it hurt as if flash frozen.
  • The girls realized that the fog was somehow intending to harm them. Elesandra summoned a fire creature to keep the fog at bay.
  • During the night Aeowynn was attacked by the fog and was unable to move her arms and legs.
  • Maebh managed to push the fog away with a magical song. Then it was her time for the watch.
  • She fell asleep but woke up before the others noticed. The fog was gone.


  • 18xp