Chapter 4 - Escape from Soutley Fort



  • There is no place in the town for the party. There are told of a place in the burnt out outskirts for them to camp for the night.
  • A kindly merchant, Dolen, spent the night parked out near the where the party was camped at.
  • During the night, Sharn and Maebh discovered the chest of coins that Dolen was carrying.
  • Father Herbot arrived in the morning with a contingent of guards wanting to arrest the party for evil deeds in disturbing the earth around Soutley Fort.
  • Captain Crosse didn't see things the same way and helped the party as much as possible.
  • The party left the town traveling west along the river.
  • A group of thugs attacked the girls and Elesandre discovered a powerful magical fire that burnt most of the thugs to a crisp.


  • 15xp