Chapter 5 - Mountains, Wraiths and Abbots



  • After the fight with the thugs, there was a fierce lightning storm and a magical veil fell upon the party. Casting magic caused pain and beams of light shot out from a mountain far in the north.
  • About 2 weeks of travelling through forest and rough country brought them to the crossroads.
  • It looked like a large group of people had moved past recently.
  • Some dead merchants rose up and attacked the girls.
  • They headed into the hills and up through the mountain pass.
  • Elesandre had an vision in a mountain pool.
  • Wraiths came out of the shadows and attacked them.
  • Finally they headed out of the mountains and down into the city of Windhall.
  • There they were seeking knowledge and went to a church of Valor. They met with Father Gilbert who did not believe their stories of Orc invasions.
  • Abbot Thibaud happened upon them and had a rousing conversation with them. The group failed to convince the Abbot to an audience with the King and revealed much of what they were hiding. The Abbot, clearly bemused by such silly deceiving women, sent them on their way, with a week's stay in a crummy inn and access to the church tomes. Maybe to help save their souls.


  • 30xp