Chapter 6 - City Slickers



  • The girls devised a plan to head north, to see what the source of the magical veil is, but with the onset of winter weather they decided to stay in Windhall.
  • They rented a place and started performing in various taverns and bars, earning money where they could.
  • During the month of work they started to become acquainted with a few people in their neighborhood.
  • The city also received reports of a huge battle at Soutley Fort. The Fort was reported to have withstood the attack, but fear of impending invasion became heavy. The garrisons were called up and the army was starting to mobilise.
  • Reports of people going missing started to spring up all over the city. Another wave of fear washed over the common people.
  • One day, guards were at their door with a request from the king that Sharn come to an audience. They escorted the girls to the castle and after having them wait for a lengthy time brought them before the king.
  • An Orc, one Sharn had seen before, was already present with the king. A human girl was with him.


  • 15xp