Chapter 7 - Death Cult


    • Tog tells a tale of a great evil that will invade the land. Their only chance is to unite, human and orc, and fight it together. His plan is to get his father to stop the invasion.
    • Elesandra speaks a prophecy, confirming Tog's stories.
    • The King suggests they travel to discover more about this evil army. If doing this can stop the invasion of the orcs, then he's all for it. If he doesn't believe them he may as well kill the orcs he has present…
    • Tog asks to have Aeowynn go with them, and stay with them.
    • The Abbott would also send a man with them.
    • It is decided to leave closer to spring, when the mountain passes are open.
  • Kidnapping
    • Maebh is kidnapped whilst browsing for instruments.
    • Sharn, Elesandra and Aeowynn make their way through the city, tracking where Maebh may have been taken to.
    • Maebh wakes up, tied and gagged, on an altar covered in dried blood. A strange hooded figure with a strange mask is wielding a knife. She is drugged.
    • Speaking to rats, Maebh manages to break free and keep the attacking figure from hurting her.
    • Sharn, Elesandra and Aeowynn manage to find an entrance into a crypt behind a kiln in the potter district, near the river. The descend into the blackness only to find three figures standing by a door with Maebh's shrieks coming from behind it.
    • The battle of dark energies and daggers and swords ensues.
    • They manage to capture a lone figure, dispatching the rest. They are now extremely tired and quite beat up from the battle.


  • 25xp