Chapter 8 - Trouble in the Big City


  • The party returns home after a harrowing battle with the dark mages.
  • Maebh desperately needs to recover. Aeowynn, not really liking spending time with the others tends, to Maebh's wounds.
  • The other girls stash the prisoner in the closet for the time being.
  • After discussing what to do with him, they haul him out and wake him up.
  • Immediately upon loosening his gag, he casts a shadow attack on himself, trying to kill himself.
  • Elesandra manages to dispel the magic and summons a small tree-like creature that channels the prisoners voice without allowing him to chant magic spells.
  • The girls question him but he returns very cunning responses and twists their words. He professes loyalty to someone, unknown. He tells them that the “all powerful” is coming soon.
  • While they are pondering over his words he manages to break the bonds of the rope and pushes a small metal symbol into Sharn. Sharn's bones begin to shatter but she manages to withstand the intense physical magic. It did not seem to be a spell that he chanted but the power flowed directly from the sigil. Sharn punches him in the face, breaking his jaw and knocking him out.
  • Sharn and Firia try to get a city guard to come back to their place. The guard doesn't want to leave his comfy post and refuses.
  • Next, the two girls try to bring the prisoner to the castle guard. They assume they are all drunk and tell Sharn to just toss him in the gutter.
  • Finally they bring him to the church. Father Gilbert takes the prisoner and tells them he will deal with the problem.
  • The next day they decide to investigate the crypt. It has been cleaned out, and the altar has been smashed to rubble.
  • Unfortunately, the girls were follow by a rather unsavory bunch of criminals.
  • After Elesandra burns two archers to a crisp, the leader takes off screaming.
  • The remaining brute and two archers wage battle against the girls.
  • Elesandra takes too many arrows and is overcome by the loss of blood.
  • The others manage to defeat the remaining interlopers and they hobble back, once again, to their home.
  • Aeowynn tends to their wounds.
  • They settle in to a month of work.

Established Living Quarters

  • Second floor, 2 bedroom apartments with a kitchen/dining area
  • Access to the attic
  • The main floor is a stable, being rented out by the landlord to other people


  • 20xp