Chapter 0 - Character Creation

Starting Crit

Your character will start with a Average Crit due to the duress that months at sea bring and being chained as a slave and underfed. It will not have an ongoing effect. You can creatively think about what exactly the crit is from. Maybe your bare feet have Trench Foot. Maybe it's malnutrition or some sort of mental duress. Maybe it's an infection from the whip cuts.

Starting Equipment

Also, you will eventually get your starting equipment. Somehow. If/when you escape slavery. For now, you start with rags for clothes. That's it.

Starting Magic

The ship you are on is similar to a Longship ( It has stopped many times anchored out at sea but you have never been allowed off. It is an Orc ship. There are many warriors aboard. Anyone that has exhibited any magic or has even been suspected of having magical capabilities have been killed immediately.

Starting Secret

If you want, come up with a secret that your character has. Something that he/she wants to keep from others.

Character Questions

These are some great questions you could answer for your character. More important is getting your Fear/Desire/Strength/Flaw as per Genesys core rules.

  1. What does your character think about races/species that are different than their own? Are they comfortable around other races/species?
  2. Depending on your answer above, what does your character think about people that think the opposite? ie. If your character is comfortable with other races, what does your character think about people that aren't comfortable with other races?
  3. What does your character think about magic? How do they view the different types of magic? (Arcana, Divine, Primal, Runes, Verse)
  4. Is your character magical? Explain how the magic works. Do you need to concentrate? Say magical words? Use magical items? Draw magical symbols? Basically, what are your magical requirements?
  5. What is your characters mental state regarding being a slave for the last number of months? Are they angry? Defeated? Motivated to escape? If so what has kept them going all this time?
  6. How religious is your character? What does your character think about other religions?
  7. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? (optional)
  8. What about your character's emotions? (optional)
  9. How would your character handle a subordinate's/peer's improper behavior? (optional)
  10. What is your character's highest ambition? (optional)