Firia Steele

  • Female Half Cat-folk Primalist
  • Age; 30 Years
  • Build: Slender
    • Tanned skin
    • Striped Tattoos along arms and legs
    • Deep Orange cat ears with similarly coloured tail with black stripes


  • Strength; Adriot

An innate ability to learn new skills as needed and actively seeks them out

  • Flaw; Prideful

Takes pride in what she can accomplish, to the point of having a fragile ego

  • Desire; Birthright

Wants to relearn and reestablish her village's skills in alchemy and medicine

  • Fear; Lost Heritage

To lose all identity or connection with her people




  • Encumbrance: 5/7
    • Carried/Worn: 2/7


Katar Brawl - Damage +1 - Crit 2 - Engaged - Accurate 1 - Enc 1


Leather Armor Soak +1 - HP 1 - Enc 2 (Worn)


Apothecary Kit (Terrinoth Pg. 100) - Enc 4 Like alchemists, apothecaries often travel with specialized kits. These kits commonly contain bandages, salves, poultices, and other items necessary to heal the injured and sick. An Apothecary's Kit allows your character to perform Medicine checks to heal wounds and Critical Injuries without penalty.


Skill © Pool Rank
Brawl (Br) 2
Melee Heavy (Br) 0
Alchemy (Int) 1
Cool (Pr) 1
Discipline (Will) 0
Medicine (Int) 0
Survival (Cun) 1
Knowledge: Lore (Int) 1
Primal (Cun) 2

Special Abilities / Talents

Fleet of Paw (Race Special Ability: Terrinoth Pg.68) Active - Incidental Catfolk can perform a second maneuver to move without suffering Strain. They still cannot exceed the limitation of two maneuvers in a turn.

Precision (Tier 1 Talent: Terrinoth Pg.84) : Active - Incidental When making a Brawl or Ranged check, your characer may use Cunning instead of Brawn and Agility

Shapeshifter (Tier 1 Talent: Terrinoth Pg.84) : Active - Incidental When your character is incapacitated due to having exceeded their strain threshold while in their normal form, they undergo the following change as an out-of-turn incidental: They heal all strain, increase their Brawn and Agility by one to a maximum of 5 and reduce their Intellect and Willpower by one to a minimum of 1. They deal +1 damage when making unarmed attacks and their unarmed attacks have a Critical rating of 3, but they cannot use magic skills or make ranged attacks.

Your GM should ensure that NPCs react appropriately to this (at the very least, upgrading the difficulty of social skill checks twice). Your character reverts to their normal form after eight hours or if they become incapacitated (for instance, by exceeding their wound or strain threshold).

Tumble (Tier 1 Talent: Terrinoth Pg.87) : Active - Incidental One per round on your character's turn, they may suffer 2 strain to disengage from all engaged adversaries.

Grit (Tier 1 Talent Rank 1 : Core Pg.73) Each rank of Grit increases your character's strain threshold by one.

Chill of Nordros (Tier 2 Talent : Terrinoth Pg. 88) : Active - Incidental When casting an Attack spell, you character may add the Ice (Ensnare quality) effect without increasing the difficulty. Your character can never add the Fire effect.