Money & Time


  • Prices listed in the rulebooks are going to be in Copper Pieces.
  • 10 Copper Pieces (cp) in 1 Silver Piece (sp)
  • 10 Silver Pieces (sp) in 1 Gold Piece (gp)
  • A typical coin purse can carry up to 250 pieces in it. Anything above that should count towards encumbrance.
Copper piece11/101/100
Silver piece1011/10
Gold piece100101

Travel Times

  • A typical human can walk 20 miles per day.
  • A human riding a horse can travel 60 miles per day.
  • A human rowing a boat can travel 5 miles per hour.
Horse Trot5
Row boat5

Party Reputation and Income for Performing

NameReputation (Advantage))Copper per Success
Tavern Circuit0100
Booking Private Parties10150
Town Square Performance20200
Merchant Guilds30250
Nobility House Party40300
Nobility Concert50375
Performance for the King60500
  • Roll “job” skill each for each month of work, no difficulty
  • 300 copper base amount + extra copper per successes
  • Advantage is reputation
  • Typical Expenses
    • Lodging: 100 for current townhouse (2 bedroom, above stable)
    • Food: 100 per person
    • Job Expenses: 100 per person

Genesys Symbols

  • success
  • failure
  • advantage
  • threat
  • triumph
  • despair
  • ability
  • difficulty
  • profiency
  • challenge
  • boost
  • setback