Religion: Valor

A monotheistic god worshiped by the Pelonians. The followers of Valor see other religions as pagan and evil. Antagonist is called “The Unnamed One”. Led by Abbot Thibaud from Windhall.


  • Valor is the one true god.
  • Valor is opposed by The Unnamed One. An evil entity bent on destroying all that is good. All evil must therefore come from this evil entity.
  • The Unnamed one employs agents of evil that manifest as regular people who try to subvert good upstanding followers with deceit. It is the responsibility of every soul to stamp out these evil ones. The church would use public execution by fire or blade to eradicate these evil ones.
  • It wouldn't be spoken aloud, but it's common knowledge that if you don't support the church, in whatever way they deem fit, you may either be deceived by an evil agent, or are an evil agent yourself.
  • Redemption is only received by staying free from all evil and receiving blessings from the church.
  • Those who are different are looked down upon as being either weaker and more susceptible to evil influence or just outright evil themselves. Wrong race, species, gender, and capabilities would all be part of this.
  • Magic is obviously evil and should be stamped out at all costs.