HUMINT Recruitment

There are four broad categories why a potential intelligence asset would betray their affiliations:

  • Money - Low salary, greedy, in debt, etc.
  • Ideology - Hates his system, admires ours?
  • Compromise/Coercion - Blackmail, emotional relationship, etc.
  • Ego/Excitement - Lonely, looking for a friend, passed over for a promotion. Not appreciated, seeking praise or adventure or personal challenge.

Usually emotions are connected to recruiting an intelligence asset. Here is a list of emotion categories:

  • Love (Affection, Lust, Longing)
  • Joy (Cheerfulness, Zest, Contentment, Pride, Optimism, Enthralment, Relief)
  • Surprise
  • Anger (Irritation, Exasperation, Rage, Disgust, Envy, Torment)
  • Sadness (Suffering, Sadness, Disappointment, Shame, Neglect, Sympathy)
  • Fear (Horror, Nervousness)

When recruiting an intelligence asset there might be various levels of success or failure:

  • Information Source - Willing to leak information but not carry out any other tasks.
  • Executive Agent - Will carry out orders such as sabotage, attacks, etc.
  • Recruiting Agent - Will be willing to recruit others.