There are all sorts of names used in Star Wars and other science fiction that could be used in your descriptions and campaigns.


  • Durasteel - strong metal alloy
  • Plasteel - aka Plastisteel. Acrylic polymers and metal alloy mix.
  • Permacrete - aka Duracrete. strong heat resistant building material
  • Transparisteel - a hard, transparent metal alloy. Weaker than durasteel.
  • Cortosis - rare brittle material that causes lightsabers to short out.
  • Beskar - aka Mandalorian iron. nearly indestructible iron ore
  • Stresscrete - cheap weaker form of Permacrete.


Interstellar Phenomena

  • Nebula - Interstellar dust cloud. Plays havoc with sensors.
  • Dark Nebula - Nebula that blocks out visible light.
  • Asteroid field - Various sizes of rocks and ice.
  • Black hole - Dead star. Dangerous gravity pulls.
  • Pulsar- Spinning neutron star that send out radio and/or gamma waves.
  • Quasars - Solar system sized objects that are extremely bright and give off visible light, UV, infrared, x-rays, and even radio waves.
  • Magentar - Neutron star with a powerful magentic field and gives off x-rays and gamma rays. Starquakes give off extremely powerful gamma rays.
  • Worm holes- A hole in space/time that connects another part of space.
  • Supernova - A dying star exploding. You don't want to be near one.
  • Dyson Sphere - a ring of equipment surrounding a star to capture it's energy output.

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