This page started out as the Edge of the Empire RPG resource list. Most of the items listed here are generic to all RPG's though.

Wiki Help & Templates

Star Wars Universe

  • Galatic Agencies - A list of various governments and other groups.
  • HUMINT Recruitment - Documentation on how human intelligence (spy) recruitment works.
  • Items - A list of Star Wars or sci-fi items.
  • Maps - Star Wars maps.
  • Nicknames - A list of character names and nicknames.
  • Poisons - An easy reference of various poisons.
  • Ranks - Imperial Navy ranks.
  • These lists will eventually be moved to a searchable database:

Game Master


  • Acronyms - A list of acronyms used on this site.
  • Die Probabilities - A chart showing various probabilities of die results in the EotE system.