Buying & Selling

Sources: EotE:148-151,114,118

  • Finding a legal item requires a Negotiation check (or an appropriate Knowledge check).
  • If haggling over a price, roll an opposed “Negotiation” check:
    • extra may be used to increase the acting character's profit by 5% per , or alternately may be used to modify the scope of the agreement (more goods at the given price, longer contract, etc).
    • extra may be spent to earn unrelated boons from the target, like concessions or perks
    • may be used to have the target NPC become a regular client/specialist vendor, or earn a major boon in the negotiation.
    • may decrease the value, increase the cost of goods, shorten contracts.
    • could result in the sabotage of a character's goals of the interaction; perhaps receiving counterfeit goods or payment, or agreeing to terms entirely beyond the scope of the negotiation.
  • Selling a legal item nets ¼ listed price with a , ½ with , and ¾ with or more.
  • For commercial trading, determine the sell price: determine the new base cost by multiplying the cost of the item based on the difference in the item's rarity between where the item was bought and where it's sold (referring to the rarity modifier chart below); take the new base cost and determine sell price by the results of an (opposed) Negotiation check. This does not account for many details: bulk, marketing/advertising, PC reputation, etc - GM should modify subject to the specific situation and is subject to his approval. Some goods might not be worth anything on a particular planet, or may not be available (like ice cream on Mustafar)

Black Market Trade

  • Finding an illegal item requires a Streetwise check. If either or is rolled something has gone wrong.
  • Selling an illegal item nets ¼ listed price with a , ½ with , and ¾ with or more.
    • In general, ,,, are similar to legal trade; in addition:
      • on a Streetwise check may reveal rumors or alternative sources to find an item/info or other criminal-related boon
      • may garner minor falsehoods
      • may result in the PC letting slip details about himself that might be passed on to an adversary or travel through the underworld, perhaps blackmail.
Rarity Check
0-1Simple (-)
2-3Easy ()
4-5Average ()
6-7Hard ()
8-9Daunting ()
10+Formidable ()
Rarity Modifier Circumstances
-2Primary Core world (Coruscant, Duro, Corellia)
-1Other Core world, world on primary trade lane
+0Colony or Inner Rim world, or civilized world
+1Mid Rim world, recently settled world, out of the way
+2Outer Rim world, Frontier world
+3Wild Space world
+4Uncivilized world