The Chase

Source: FaD:247

  • GM determines how far away the two vehicles are.
  • Both chased and pursuer rolls a competitive Piloting check.
    • Difficulty depends on circumstances of the chase. (See table below)
    • Compare total successes. If pursuer wins, he closes the distance by one range band. If the chased wins, he opens the distance by one range band.
    • If the winner is traveling faster than the loser, he opens or closes the distance by an additional number of range bands equal to the difference in relative speeds.
    • Up to the GM when the chase resolves, but in general it should end if the pursuer is able to close the gap so that he is engaged with his prey, or if the chased is able to move beyond extreme range.
    • If part of a larger encounter, the competitive check should take place at the beginning of the round, so that the pilots can shoot, increase speed, etc during the round.
# of Planetary DescSpace Desc
-Light terrain, flat, clear, roads, light urban ground or air trafficAn easy navigational situation, loosely packed asteroid field.
Medium terrain-
Heavy or dangerous terrain-
Very risky terrain-