Customizations & Modifications

Source: EotE: 187

Attachments are simple to add to a weapon, vehicle, or item. They simply fit into the hard points on the item. They give a base modifier boost to the item.

Most attachments can be further modified. Some mods can be done multiple times and other only once. In order to install a mod the character must:

  • Spend 100 credits on components and supplies
  • Has an appropriate toolkit
  • Spends a couple of hours at a work bench
  • Succeed a Hard () Mechanics check

Upon success, apply the mod's effects to the base attachment modifier. Upon failure, the mod is not installed and the character may not attempt to install that mod again. If failure and the attachment is also rendered useless.

Each additional mod installed on an attachment beyond the first increases the difficulty of the Mechanics check by one and costs an additional 100 credits beyond the base cost.