Sources: AoR:46, 325

The main focus your character has in it's organization. It could be the driving factor for why they joined or an area of focus.

See Character Creation for information on creating characters with Duty.

Duty Chart

This chart must be assembled before each session. Sort each character's Duty score with the largest being on top. For example:

16–2510SprendCombat Victory
26–327Tor-nenkoResource Acquisition


Before each Session the GM should roll a d100. If the result falls within the chart numbers each character receives +1 wound threshold for the session. The character whose Duty is triggered receives a +2 instead. If a double was rolled (ie. 11, 44) then the effects of Duty are doubled.

Duty can also be used as a threshold, either group or personal, for narrative events.


Once the group's total Duty score exceeds 100 they reach a milestone. The party's Contribution rank increases by 1 and their organization rewards them. All of the PC's Duty values are reset to 0.

The Contribution Rank indicated how many times the party has reach a Duty score of 100.


When a reward is triggered the players can choose to receive individual pieces of equipment, a party-owned vehicle, or a different strategic asset.


These gear should not have rarity greater than 3 + Contribution Rank. It's up to the GM whether restricted items are allowed.


The vehicle or starship should not have a rarity greater than 3 + Contribution Rank. Other restrictions can be imposed by the GM.

Strategic Asset

This could be a safe house, temporary use of a powerful ship, or anything that can be imagined. The players and GM should work together to come up with something equivalent to the party's current Contribution Rank.


As the pary's Contribution Rank increases so does their reputation.

Contribution Rank AllianceEmpire
0-1 New recruit or untested collaborator. still under suspicion. Gets access to basic equipment and vehicles. Recruit to corporal rank.Faceless Rebel scum. Little intelligence value if captured. Re-education possible, otherwise imprisonment. Not worth the effort to hunt down individuals.
2-4 Tested soldier or trusted collaborator. Respected and trusted by Alliance. Gets access to better tactical-level equipment and vehicles. Sergeant to warrant officer rank.Minor notoriety. Limited but useful tactical intelligence value. If captured, Re-education possible, but unlikely. Execution after interrogation. Use of bounty hunters to capture/eliminate is rare, but possible.
5-8 Veteran soldier or important collaborator. Very respected by the Alliance Gets access to corvette/gunship-level starships and minor strategic intelligence Lieutenant to captain rank.Moderate notoriety. Possible strategic intelligence value. Re-education not possible. Imprisonment (and lifelong interrogation) standard practice. Use of bounty hunters to capture is an option.
9-13 Top brass or viral collaborator. Highly respected by the Alliance. Minor, but notable political power. Gets access to corvette/gunship-level starships and sensitive info. Major to colonel rank.Major notoriety. Extremely high intelligence value. If captured, Use of bounty hunters and Imperial assassins authorized for capture/elimination. No chance of re-education. Imprisonment (and lifelong interrogation] standard practice. Failure to report this character's whereabouts is considered a severe crime.
14+ Member of the Alliance High Command. Immense political power. Extremely revered and respected by allies. Access to capital-grade starships. Commander, general, or admiral ranking.The Empire's Most Wanted. Entire fleets used to locate and eliminate. Capture or death key to destruction of the Rebellion. Immense intelligence value. Failure to report this character's whereabouts is considered treason.