Environmental Effects

Source: EotE:212

ConcealmentAdd to Ranged, Gunnery and Perception checks depending on level of concealment. Add to any Stealth checks depending on level of concealment.
Difficult/Impassable TerrainSpend twice as many maneuvers to move through difficult terrain. Impassable terrain requires skill checks.
GravityHeavier than normal adds up to to any Brawn-based checks and Coordination. Lighter than normal adds up to . Zero gravity does not add or but it counts as difficult terrain.
Water/SwimmingCounts as difficult terrain unless a skill check is needed. A character can hold his breath for a number of rounds equal to his Brawn rating. After that the character is suffocating.
VacuumCan hold breath the same was under water. Also suffer 3 wounds per round and an additional critical injury per round when the wound threshold is reached.
Fire, Acid, Corrosive atmospheresThe GM assigns a rating (usually 1-10) and the character suffers that many wounds per round.
Putting out fire on selfRolling around on the ground can put out a fire. It’s a Coordination check against on hard surfaces and on soft surfaces. Jumping into water also puts the fire out.
SuffocationSuffer 3 strain at the beginning of each turn. Suffer a critical injury each turn after exceeding strain threshold.
FallingSuffer damage and strain. Damage is reduced by soak but strain is not.
Short10 damage & 10 strain
Medium30 damage & 20 strain
LongIncapacitated & a critical injury at +50 & 30 strain
ExtremeIncapacitated & a critical injury +75 & 40 strain or death.
Damage can be reduced by making an average () Athletics or Coordination check. Each reduces the damage by 1 while each reduces the strain by 1. A could reduce the distance by one range band.