Source: EotE:298

Fear is an opposed check. It is opposed normally by Discipline and occasionally by Cool.

State of Fear Check Difficulty
Minimally afraid Easy ()
Moderately afraid Average ()
Very afraid Hard ()
Mortally afraid Daunting ()
Utterly terrified Formidable ()
Confronting something reputed to be dangerous 1 difficulty upgrade
Confronting something known to be dangerous and very rare 2 difficulty upgrades
Confronting something known to be extremely dangerous and unique 3 difficulty upgrades
  • Failure – Add to each action during the encounter.
  • Threat – Suffer strain equal to number of . If or more the character could be staggered for their first turn.
  • Despair – Incredibly frightened. Add to all checks until the end of the encounter.
  • Success – Avoid any fear effects except those triggered by .
  • Advantage – Gain on the characters first check. Additional gain on the first check.
  • Triumph – Cancel all previous fear effects or trump all future fear checks during the encounter.