Source: FC:87

Each round players throw two chance cubes. Each player can choose to re-roll a single chance cube once. The goal is to obtain pairs of matching symbols. Then one player throws the hintaro, a special chance cube that modifies the results for each players' roll. The highest ranked result wins the entire pot.

  • Select Hintaron (dealer)
  • Ante In - Beginning with the player to the left of the hintaron, each player pays the ante to the pot.
  • Throw Dice - Each player rolls .
Dice SymbolHintaro Name
  • Place Wagers - Each player may wager an additional amount. They must meet or exceed the previous player's wager. Wagers end after one round and then every player must match the current wager.
  • Throw Again - Players may reroll a single die.
Tukar to Kulro1st
Quad Kulro2nd
Tukar Tukar3rd
Kulro Kulro4th
  • Throw Hintaro and Determine Winner - The hintaron throws a . Each (Hin) cancels one (Tukar) and each (Taro) cancels one (Kulro). Compare results to see who wins. Any set not listed is worth nothing and cannot win. In the case of a tie the pot is split. If no one wins the pot remains to the next round.