House Rules

These are house rules for slicing. Some of the ideas come from the official Jewel of Yavin adventure.

An example of a complicated slicing procedure like planting evidence on a remote system could be something like this:

  1. Determine if there is an administrator or rival slicer that will be actively monitoring the defences of the remote system. You may need to deal with this individual first.
  2. Prepare a computer spike to help in attacking the remote system.
  3. Get encryption samples to help in creating believable evidence.
  4. If the only way to access the system is through a droid you would need to kidnap or otherwise physically access the droid. If it's a certain terminal you may need to infiltrate a base or building to physically access it.
  5. Access the remote network using the computer spike previously created.
  6. Plant the remote evidence using the encryption samples previously gained.
  7. Make sure no trace is left of the infiltration, droid, and/or remote access.

Encryption or Decryption

Information needs to be secured or accessed. Keep your communiques secret from prying eyes by encrypting it. It takes time to encode and the receiving end needs to have adequate resources to decrypt it. On the other hand, maybe your need to read some chatter that has been encrypted by a third party. You'll need decryption keys or algorithms to decipher the data.

For decrypting data getting a sample of encrypted data can be vital. There may be various ways to retrieve a sample. Breaking into secure locations or remotely accessing important data may be the way to get the required samples. Samples can come in two types: full samples or basic samples. A full sample allows you to use a Computers check on the data with no penalties. A basic sample would add a . No samples would add a penalty of . If a player comes up with a clever plan for getting a full encryption sample the GM may grant one or more .

If just needing to decrypt the information, a Computers check can now be performed on the data received. Use any or received from acquiring samples. Receiving the encrypted data that you actually need (not just a sample) can be difficult as well. Maybe gaining physical access or installing and retrieving a recording device.

Encrypting data should be a set difficulty depending on the level of sophistication needed. Higher encryption takes more time to complete and is more difficulty to achieve but could double the number of for the decrypting slicer, assuming they don't get full samples. Or maybe a high enough encryption level requires a Computers check to even use any samples received.


Getting a piece of equipment or droid to act a certain way or to perform a certain task can be quite useful. You will need to write code that can be executed with perfection.

If the droid is not willing, it will need to be accessed first. See the Intrusion or Defence section.

A Computers check should be enough to determine whether or not the programming was successful.

Intrusion or Defence

Bypassing or building of firewalls for remote access or security measures for immediate access are incredibly important. Sometimes you need to get in without being detected. Sometimes you need to brute force your way in. Either way you will need to use your computer skills to a maximum to achieve your objectives.


Slicing your way into a droid could require a Computers vs Discipline check to bypass the droids internal security. Restraining bolts can downgrade the check, maybe even twice. Physically neutralizing the droid may be enough to bypass security on a limited droid. An Athletics or Brawl check could help here.

Failures here could result in the droid retaliating physically or activating a remote alarm.

Computer Spikes

Single-use devices used to carry out automated functions. Specially designed for a single job. They need to be created new for each specific network and parameters. They are usually used to access a remote network and either mask access or assist in some way.

Computer spikes require time and specialized components to set up. They also require either remote access to install or physical access to execute.

If nothing story specific is needed, the components can be represented by a credit amount, unless the characters have personal components they can contribute. For example 300 credits for a bunch of specific datapads. Costs may be reduced if the characters spend enough time looking for these components.

Computer spikes can take around 10 hours or so to create. Rushing it can add to the check. They require a Computers check to complete. Bonuses can affect the outcome of the computer spike's effectiveness.

Cost Result Options
Each on the Computers check adds one toward a slicing attempt aided by the computer spike.
or Remove a from the Computers check. This option may be selected multiple times, requiring one more for each subsequent selection.
or A subtle defect in the spike's manufacture could cause complications for its use. Using the spike adds one to the Computers check. This option may not be selected more than once.

Firewall Offense and Remote Execution

Breaching a firewall and carrying out an action would be either a set difficulty or a Computers vs Computers check of the slicer who created the firewall defence. Computer Spikes can definitely assist in this process. Getting proper encryption samples can also help with the check. These checks also can take a set amount of time to preform.

Failures could result in full lockout or certain anti-intrusion measures can be triggered. If a retry is allowed can be accumulated from previous attempts. For each banked add a to the results. Most likely there is a maximum number of retries allowed.

Traces of the slicing attempt may still be evident, even if the attempt was executed successfully. Physically disposing of evidence may take multiple forms. In case of a droid it could be destroyed or dismantled although there is the possibility of reassembly. Deleting remote logs can be done with a Computers check.

Firewall Defence

Your network or ship/device/droid must be secure from attacks. A proper firewall will help prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your systems. Intrusion detection is also a part of this. The ability to be notified when and who accessed your system can be of paramount importance.

Communication Jamming

Communication is key especially when time is of the essence. Jamming an enemies transmissions can aid you in your attack or escape.