Starship Combat House Rules

House Rules

These are the standard starship combat rules combined with Emperor Norton's house rules, available from this thread. Emperor Norton's rules have been tweaked further here.

PDF Version

A condensed & print-friendly version of these rules (including Spending & Crit Result tables) is available from this link.



Pilot Only Maneuvers


Speed cannot be below 0 or higher than max speed rating
∓ speed by 1
∓2 if speed rating ⋝ 5
∓ speed by any amount, then suffer S.Strain equal to Silhouette
Also, may change range bands, depending on speed

Evasive Maneuvers

Requires Silhouette 1-4 and Speed 3+
Upgrade to for attacks against your ship
Upgrade to for attacks you make
Active until the end of the pilot's next round

Stay on Target

Requires Silhouette 1-4 and Speed 3+
Upgrade to for all attacks against your ship
Upgrade to once for all combat checks from your ship
Active until the end of the pilot's next round

Ramming Speed

Requires speed 4+
Make an opposed Piloting check.
Add (instead of ) minus 1 using the speed difficulties in the Gain the Advantage action. On success, suffer a major collision
Other Maneuvers


Gain to your next combat check
Spending 2 consecutive maneuvers aiming gives

Angle Deflector Shields

A crewmember with access to the shield controls can reassign up to 2 points of Defense from one zone to another.


Give a to fellow crewmember

Increase Power

Requires Silhouette 0-3 and access to an engineering station
Take 2 S.Strain
Increase ship's top speed by number of rounds equal to the mechanic's Intellect
Reduce ship's handling by 2
Cannot perform Boost Shields action in the same turn


Pilot Only Actions

Gain the Advantage

Requires Silhouette 1-4 and targets Silhouette 4 and lower only
Make a Piloting check with the following difficulty:
Targets one other ship within range
Speed ≥ 2 of target
Speed ∓ 1 of target
Speed < 2 of target
Speed < 3 of target
On SuccessIgnore all penalties associated with Evasive Maneuvers
Choose which defense zone to hit
Active until the end of the following round
Can be cancelled if the target makes a Gain the Advantage on your ship
Spend Choose a target's fire arc. Target can only fire on you with weapons that can use that firing arc and you may only attack this firing arc.
Spend If the target's pilot attacks any other target but you, upgrade by 1. Stackable. If the target's combat check generates / they suffer 1 automatic hit dealing the base damage of one of your weapons without the Limited Ammo quality.
Spend Target immediately suffers 1 automatic hit dealing base damage of one of your weapons without the Limited Ammo quality. Not stackable.
Other Actions

Fire Weapon

One weapon can only fire once per round, unless otherwise indicated
When target is Silhouette ≤ 4 the target chooses the defense zone. Silhouette ≥ 5 defense zone is determined by ship position.
For each range band beyond Short, consider the target to have a Silhouette one smaller, to a minimum of 0.
If target is in Close range and has Speed ≥ 4, increase difficulty by 1. If difficulty is above Formidable it becomes Impossible.
If the target is moving at Speed 3 or greater add it's Handling in .
Silhouette ∓ 1 of target
Silhouette ≤ 2 of target
Silhouette ≥ 2 of target
Silhouette ≥ 3 of target
Silhouette ≥ 4 of target
Silhouette ≥ 5 of targetImpossible

Damage Control

Make a Mechanics check to attempt to recover S.Strain, Hull Trauma or repair Critical Hits
Recover 1 point of S.Strain or 1 point of Hull Trauma or 1 Critical Hit
Repairing Hull Trauma can only be attempted once per encounter
S.Strain/Hull Trauma < half threshold
S.Strain/Hull Trauma ≥ half threshold
S.Strain/Hull Trauma > threshold
Critical HitCritical Hit difficulty

Active Targeting

ComputersOn success, can attack a target outside it's Sensor Range (but within weapon's range) on all attacks. Active until the end of your next turn.

Plot Course

Astrogation or PerceptionEach success reduces for difficult terrain


PilotingEach success downgrades difficulty of pilot's next check


ComputersOn success, the target must make a Computers check to use their comms. Difficulty increases by 1 for each additional and jamming affects an additional target for each spent.

Boost Shields

MechanicsMust have a defense rating. On success suffer 1 S.Strain and increase one defense zone by 1 until the beginning of your next turn. Additional increases round duration per .

Manual Repairs

AthleticsRequires proper tools. Allows you to use Damage Control action with Athletics. Can only attempt once per encounter. On success repair 1 point of hull trauma. Each recovers an additional point.

Fire Discipline

Leadership or DisciplineOn success, the next crewman to fire a weapon gains . Each additional grants the to an additional crewman. The crewman can spend to inflict 1 S.Strain per hit in addition to the normal damage.

Scan the Enemy

PerceptionOn success reveal the target's weapons, modifications, and S.Strain and hull trauma thresholds. may be spent to learn current threshold values.

Slice the Enemy's Systems

ComputersOn success, decrease the defense zone on the target for 1 round per . may be spent to disable a weapon for 1 round. may be spent to inflict 1 S.Strain.

Spoof Missiles

Computers or VigilanceOn success, any attacks against your ship with weapons that have Guided upgrade difficulty by 1. Additional upgrades per . Active until the start of the crewmember's next turn.
Engineer/Astromech Actions

Watch Your Back

ComputersEach provides the ship with +1 defense to a single zone until the engineer's next turn. More threats in the area add .

Target Lock

Declare target in range and make a Computers check using the Silhouette table in fireweapon. More threats in the area add .
On success, provide to a gunner's Gunnery check against the declared target. Each additional add 1 .
Active for 1 round plus additional rounds per generated.
Any indicates the number of rounds before another Target Lock can be attempted.
Large Ship Actions

Blanket Barrage

Concentrated Barrage

Overwhelming Barrage


Defense no longer provides .

After a ship suffers a hit the pilot may take a Shields incidental. The ship suffers 3 S.Strain and adds 2 + Defense rating to their Armor for one hit per attack.

All ships that have shields start with double the defense then what is indicated in the stats.


Each ship has a designated sensor range. Information about the surrounding area depends on the distance. Active Sensors rule is removed (ie. no Computers check for sensors).

Range from ShipTarget Information Given
Sensor Range + 1Number of ships and ship details like transponder codes. No stats. Those are accessible via the Scan the Enemy action.
Sensor Range + 2Number of ships and silhouette sizes.
Sensor Range + 3Existence of ships.
Sensor Range ≥ 4Nothing.

Weapon Qualities

Target LockPassiveWhen firing, upgrade the difficulty of the combat check by 2, unless you have used the Aim maneuver or Active Targeting against the target, in which case, upgrade the check by 1.
Add to Concussion Missile Launcher, Proton Torpedo Launcher.
Slow TrackingPassiveWhen at Close range and the target is moving at Speed ≥ 4, increase combat check by 2, instead of 1.
Add to Concussion Missile Launcher, Ion Cannon (Heavy), Ion Cannon (Battleship), Proton Torpedo Launcher, Tractor Beam (Heavy), Turbolaser (All).

Revised Ships

Alpha-Class XG-1 “Star Wing” Asault GunboatIncrease Handling to +1
RZ-1 “A-Wing” Light InterceptorIncrease S.Strain and Hull Thresholds to 8
TIE-D “Defender” Multi-Role StarfighterIncrease Speed to 6, reduce Hull Threshold to 8
TIE/LN StarfighterReduce Handling to +2
TIE/IN InterceptorIncrease Hull Threshold to 8

Revised Talents

Full StopActiveAs an incidental, reduce the Speed of the ship you are piloting to 0. The ship suffers S.Strain equal to its Silhouette.
Hold TogetherActiveAs an incidental, after learning the results of a critical hit on a starship you are crewing, you may spend a Destiny Point and suffer 3 S.Strain to cancel the critical hit.

Critical Hits

You can view the Critical Hits chart here.